Candle Refill

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A perfect place to get started, this NOTES® Sustainable Starter Kit comes with everything you need to fill and enjoy your first candle. Millions of single use containers end up in landfills every year, so by making a small change in the way you burn candles, you'll make a big difference in the footprint we all leave behind.

*Includes ONE scent with wick

What Makes it Special:

100% Natural Wax: Soy, Rice Bran, & Beeswax
Non-Toxic Fragrance: Safe for People & the Planet
Does NOT Contain: Phthalates, Parabens, Dyes, or Petroleum Wax
Powerfully fragranced wax beads that provide a high quality, room-filling fragrance experience
100% Cotton Wick
60% Compostable Packaging

Fragrance Descriptions:

Vanilla & Pepperwood: Not-your-grandma’s spice cabinet with a peppery modern take on classic vanilla.

Oatmilk & Balsam Berry: Because oatmilk isn’t just for your latte – a dairy free dream of vanilla, pine, and fresh picked berries.

Citrus & Fresh Basil: Squeeze the day with a spirited blend of basil, juicy mandarin, lilac and fresh lime.

Linen & Crisp Air: Let the loads of laundry pile up with an airy blend of crisp, cool water, spring flowers and fresh linens.

Santal & Atlas Cedar: Effortlessly cool cardamom, soft floral and rich cedar-wood that will have you reaching for your leather jacket.

Plumeria & Pink Currant: A fruity, floral and sun kissed scent that creates a warm glow, without the tan lines.

Use and Care:

Wick, fill, burn, and refill time and time again.

Simply pour this candle refill into your NOTES® sustainable candle glass to enjoy. Each Refill Kit provides 36 hours of room-filling fragrance.